CIA’s Six Deadliest FOIA Requests

In celebration of the 50th birthday of the Freedom of Information Act and the recent passage of the FOIA Improvement Act of 2016, let’s look at the list of six of the most dangerous FOIA requests as defined by…

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A Tale of Two Coups

From either a geopolitical or counterintelligence standpoint, coups are the equivalent of using a brushfire to clear away vegetation instead of carefully tending and weeding a garden. It’s uncontrollable, unpredictable and at all times to be avoided…

The FBI’s Secret Plan To Take Over A College

New documents from the FBI’s war plans covering 1950-1990 show that the Bureau had a secret plan to take over Shepherd College in an emergency, the development of which became “more confused every day” until W.R….

Three Lies CIA’s FOIA Office Tells Every Week

While CIA’s FOIA office does provide the occasional surprise by being helpful, they often seem to stymie FOIA requests, either deliberately, through incompetence or indifference. There are three lies that their office tell particularly often: Our records…