Everything the FBI will let you know about the Petraeus investigation

In 2012 and 2013, former CIA Director David Petraeus was investigated by the FBI, the Director of National Intelligence and the military for his extramarital affair which resulted in disclosing classified information to his mistress, archivist and biographer Paula Broadwell in the scandal that forced him to resign as CIA Director. This Friday, the FBI very quietly released […]

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Deleted Passage

Documents Reveal Interference in Investigation of the Death of Journalist Danny Casolaro

Not Just Incompetence – Something Was Covered Up When the DOJ examined the death of the journalist Danny Casolaro and dismissed it as a suicide, they overlooked important facts like the main person of interest lying about his alibi and downplayed others or presented them in a misleading light. One of the most straightforward examples of this is in their […]

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CIA Says We Knew

U.S. Could’ve Prevented an Invasion – but Chose to Boycott the Olympics Instead

In many ways, Jimmy Carter’s presidency remains stained by foreign policy disasters including the Iranian hostage crisis and the failed rescue attempt, and the early handling of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. However, a State Department history and a partially declassified CIA document hint that the United States and NATO were aware of the invasion more than […]

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What a Hit Piece Against WikiLeaks Looks Like

What an agenda against WikiLeaks looks like In short: It’s deliberately misleading. It leaves out a lot of relevant information. It continues to be inaccurate on points despite the author knowing better. It goes out of its way to criticize WikiLeaks, regardless of accuracy or relevance. The article publicizes the existence of “dangerous” information while it was still available. The author continues to deny any responsibility […]

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